Block Calculations in Metric Measurements

Block Dimensions:

With mortar joint             200mm high x 400mm long  {approx}

Without mortar joint        190mm high x 390mm long  {approx}


To calculate required number of block:

Total Length in mm {1,000 mm in 1 m} ¸ 400mm = # Block/Course [A]

Total Height in mm ¸ 200mm = # of Courses [B]

A {block per course} x B {# of courses} = Total block required [C]


To approximate mortar requirements:


Bags of Masonry Cement = C {Block required} ¸ 40 = Total bags required [D]

Note:  We recommend Type ‘S’ Masonry Cement for most applications; Type ‘N’ Masonry can be used in above grade, interior or exterior, non-structural uses.


Yards of Mason Sand = D {Cement bags required} ¸ 7 = Total yards of sand required

MIX RATIO:       3 Sand : 1 Cement